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Did someone say virtual lettering course?

Learning a new craft can be stressful and overwhelming when you don’t know where to start. In my class, I will break down all the knowledge it took me years to learn. I will teach you all the tips, ticks and tools, you need to become a lettering expert. I will teach you the difference between hand lettering, brush calligraphy and faux calligraphy. I will walk you through the basics of letter formation. You will learn how to letter, both, the uppercase and the lowercase alphabet and use them to create beautiful words and phrases. All supplies necessary are included in the class cost and are your to keep. These supplies include a complete lettering workbook created by me, 3 different pens, tracing paper and a personalized 110 page, hardback sketchbook. Learn to become a lettering rockstar, even if you do not have rockstar handwriting. I promise! From beginner to some experience, learn everything you need to know, to create Pinterest worthy designs!

Hand Lettering for Beginners

for beginners

If you have kid or teen that has expressed interest in learning to letter, this class is just for them. Not only will we go through the basics of brush calligraphy and faux calligraphy, but I will also show them lots of fun ways they can make their lettering look like art. This class will focus on lettering, doodling, blending colors and so much more. I will include all the supplies they will need both in the class and at home. So, no running to Hobby Lobby after the class to buy more stuff! 
Supplies include:
- 10 pack Tombow Dual Brush Pens (a $26.99 value)
- A complete workbook, packed with step-by-step instructions that kids and teens can easily follow. Illustrated examples, coloring and lettering pages, how to create phrases, doodling and drawing tips, lettering worksheets, multiple different font examples, how to create flourishes, creative projects, inspiration tips, and so much more!! 
- Various types of paper to letter on

Creative Lettering for Kids and Teens

creative Lettering

Give your child an opportunity to learn something that they will love! And Moms, BONUS - this craft isn't messy! Let's get them away from the computer, ipad, cell phone, TV this summer and get them using their imagination!! This is such a fun and relaxing hobby that is sure to give them hours of entertainment, while they build a skill they will love. 

This class is perfect for ages 9 and up. Adults are welcome to take the class as well. This class has information that will be so helpful to anyone wanting to boost their lettering skills. Make it a fun Mother/Daughter activity that you can learn and together!

let's work together

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