What We Do

Whether you’re looking to buy art or looking to make art, we’ve got you covered. We sell hand-made wooden door hangers, digital graphics, stickers, stationery, apparel, lettering workbooks, and more!

Want to learn what we do and how we do it? Join one of our online painting, lettering, or graphic design courses (and classes where you can throw an epic party with friends!) or join our online membership devoted to helping you fine-tune your DIY wooden door hanger painting and lettering skills. 




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Are you ready to take your desire to make pretty door hangers to the next level and to become the painter you always wished you could be? Are you tired of wondering what supplies to use, how to use them and where to get them? Are you lacking the time and confidence it takes to learn it on your own? Are you too afraid to even try to paint your own sign because you are scared you will mess up? This is for you!

Want to be coached by Jennifer every month and join a thriving community full of support, while creating beautiful signs you love?


You like crafty things and would love to learn and grow your painting and lettering skills in a community of like minded women who are there to offer support.

Paint Parties


Nothing is better than spending time with good friends while doing a crafty project.  We offer virtual paint parties for all ages and birthday parties for kids. Book us for your next girls' night in or let us help you celebrate life's simple victories (because some days, you just need to treat yourself!)

We bring the party to you! We supply everything you need to make virtual paint parties a one-of-a-kind experience that everyone will enjoy.


You want to get together with friends, neighbors or co-workers and paint your own door hanger, with a professional there, ready to help you complete your project. 

Lettering Classes

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Are you are looking to start your lettering journey or are you ready to dive a little deeper into some creative lettering? Learning to hand letter can seem a bit intimidating for some. You might even think that, to be good at it, it should just come natural to you.  Are ready to learn but have no idea where to even start? Do you feel like hand lettering isn't for you because you "just don't have good handwriting?" Have you taken a beginner class and are feeling a little stuck with where to go next? If you answered yes to any of these, you are in the right place.

From beginner to experienced, we've got you covered. Host a private class or take an online course.


You are interested in learning the basics of hand lettering, or you are ready to expand your skills and learn how to get creative with your lettering. 

I'm a multi-passionate creative with a love for all things painting and lettering. I love inspiring other women to dive into their creative abilities, get rid of the anxiety and doubt that holds them back and watch them create things they never thought they could. If someone would have told me 7 years ago that I would be a creative entrepreneur who built a 6 figure business painting and teaching others what I know, I would have told them they were crazy! I get to spend everyday at home with my family, working for myself, doing what I love.  None of this would have been possible if I hadn't tried something new, let go of my fears, taken a chance and believed in myself. Are you ready to see if you've got what it takes.

You're more creative than you think you are. But if you're anything like me, you need a little help taking your super power to the next level. You just want someone to tell you what works.

You're in the right place.

Ways to Work Together

Book us for your next girls' night in! Virtual paint parties for adults, birthday parties for kids.


Hand lettering and creative lettering classes for kids and adults.
Online lettering  courses.


Learn to paint and letter new door hangers each month with me and a community of crafters just like you.


“when life gives you lemons, ask for limes instead + make margaritas!”


"It had been a good 20 years since I picked up a creative hobby."

Jennifer's easy-to-follow techniques have trained me to where I am now capable of producing beautiful, professional-looking, high quality signs, which I now receive many requests for. There is so much to learn, and Jennifer will keep you yearning for more and wanting to stay engaged. Whether you are looking for a hobby or a way to create an income doing something you love, the Signmaker's Society will provide the instruction and guidance necessary to take you to any level you choose with an undeniable return on your investment.


gained confidence painting

Yes, It Really Works

"If you think you can't...YOU CAN!"

 I started as an attendee at a painting party and with Jennifer's mentoring and constant patience, I now have a great second "job!" I don't think of it as work when I can do what I enjoy and earn extra money each month selling my pieces! I would never have started if she had not pushed me to and I would never have enjoyed this much success without her teaching and guidance!! Thank you Jennifer!


started her own business

"What I found in Jen’s class was a perfect fit"

I needed a creative outlet for lettering and painting, something I could commit to despite being “too busy.” What I found in Jen’s class was a perfect fit: Scheduled weekly so I can plan, diverse projects, and useful tips and tricks. The cherry on top was support from other group members. Everyone is just so darn POSITIVE and encouraging.


found a new creative outlet